Drying Floors & Bins

TroCo Drying Bins

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We offer a range of purpose built drying containers both from Lauber themselves as well as UK manufactuers. Our containers are designed with bridge perforated floors to allow even airflow whilst preventing the material from blocking the air inlets and a series of underfloor baffles that allow even drying accross the entire surface area of the floor.

Our drying bins are configured as RoRo (roll on – roll off) or hooklift bins that are compatible with almost all hooklift trailers and lorries. The standard sized bin is 6500 x 2400 x 2400mm although can be made incrementally longer/shorter or taller.

Drying Floor Kit


Our drying floor kit allows you to use any existing hooklift bins or trailers that you may have. We can supply a floor kit that can be installed into a standard hook lift container or similar sized trailer.

The floor kit is designed to ensure even air flow across the drying floor and is supplied as a kit, to be welded into place within the chosen drying container.

Modular Drive-On Panels

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For those that require a static drying floor rather than moveable bins, we have the perfect solution:
A modular floor panel suitable for ‘drive on’ applications complete with subframe and bridge perforated drying sheet welded ontop.

Our floor panel system is suitable for a wide variety of configurations and we specify an air intake duct for each row of floor panels which channels the air effectively to the entire drying floor. For help designing your drying floor please contact us.

Ducting & Accessories

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Ducting 2
Ducting 3
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There are two main types of ducting options from the L-ENZ unit:

1. Rigid ducting – The rigid duct can be supplied as an insulated or uninsulated unit and is design to the site specific layout of your bins or drying floor.
The rigid duct mounts directly onto the length, either with a straight run or at 90degrees. The diameter and layout of the ducts is entirely flexible and can be designed to suit your needs with adjustable air valves at each of the respective take off points where a short length of flexible duct is used to connected to the bin or floor.

2. Flexible air pipe – These 400mm spiraflex air tubes are available in insulated and uninsulated versions, and connect directly between the adjustable air outlets on the rear of the L-ENZ to the drying bins and/or drying floor adaptors.