Farms and Agricultural Processes


Farms and estates can maximise the benefit from making the change to wood heating. For many of these businesses, log or wood chip fuel can be produced in-house, either using home grown timber, or by buying in timber locally and processing this into wood fuel in-house.

Farms and estates are often well positioned to produce fuel in this way as they often have machinery, buildings and space available. Producing fuel in this manner translates to providing a very low cost, renewable and sustainable source of fuel.

The ability to link up several occupied buildings via a district heat network as well as introducing heat in support of specific agricultural processes – such as grain drying, can enable self sufficiency in terms of low cost energy production.

Grain drying with batch dryers or constant feed can consume a sizable energy consumption and cost when using Heating oil / diesel or LPG. Several solutions are available to transfer and exchange the heat produced from Biomass into warm air for extraction through the dryer.