Water Services

Infrastructure Design and Management Service

As the UK economy starts to make positive headway, the housing markets are starting to rise and give way to commercial development opportunities. Hydroscot Energies Ltd can provide a one stop shop providing you with all your water and wastewater infrastructure design and management requirements.The design service will integrate the best environmental solutions. We can also provide an installation service utilising an accredited Self Lay Organisation.

Water Demand Management

Hydroscot Energies Ltd provide specialist expertise in the professional analysis of water and waste water costs to your business. In todays economic situation it isĀ  becoming more unacceptable to be paying for non efficient water consumption (wastage). We will provide a full audit of your current usage, provide technical recommendations on how to optimise your water demand requirements. The output of this activity will provide your business with an efficient utility management plan culminating in a reduction in energy bills.We also provide a full range of water leakage detection, conservation services and Innovative technology solutions to aid with the efficient management of utilities in your business .

Legionella Management

Hydroscot Energies Ltd can provide comprehensive consultancy advice on the management and control of legionella. All businesses that use water for heating & cooling processes,leisure and welfare facilities, hotels & guest houses are at risk and must be compliant with the Code of Practice – L8 and be conversant with the governing regulations. We can provide a full Risk Assessment of your business premises and provide bespoke technical advice on what improvements / requirements are needed to mitigate the potential for Legionella presence.