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Biomass is rapidly becoming the most popular renewable energy heating option in Scotland. Economical and environmentally friendly, biomass systems are powered by locally sourced woodchip, agricultural residues and wood pellets. The heat generated can be used to effectively provide efficient clean all year round energy requirements.
Hydroscot Energies Ltd can provide a full turnkey ‘one stop shop’ for any given project embracing the clients’ needs from initial design to commissioning and operation.

Heizomat Biomass boilers are one of the most robust proven combustion systems available on the market with full automation and self cleansing properties, this leads to minimal manual intervention thus ensuring operating costs are kept to a minimum.

Heizomat product brochure

The financial savings you can expect from switching from fossil fuels to Biomass fuel are in the region of 65% (woodchip) and 50% (woodpellets).

The fuel savings supplemented by the current Tariff structure of the Renewable Heat Incentive represent an exceptional return on investment.

A Biomass system can be designed to deliver heat medium to numerous building types:


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